This resource has been designed to allow pupils to explore the world of coins - their history, design and manufacture - through creative activities tailored to the National Curriculum for England and Wales.

Covering Maths, Literacy, Science, Art and Design, Design and Technology and Geography, each of the 6 workshops come complete with teachers’ notes, lesson plans, fact files and worksheets.




Learn about coin inscriptions and use them as a starting point for creative writing.

Download Coins in the Classroom Literacy Lesson Plan



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Investigate coins through mathematics. Size, shape and weight are three significant elements of coin design, and it is very important to get them right so that coins are easy for people to use.

Download Coins in the Classroom Maths Lesson Plan







Explore properties of the metals used to make coins.

Download Coins in the Classroom Science Lesson Plan







Investigate different countries across the world through their coins.

Download Coins in the Classroom Geography Lesson Plan



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Art & Design


Explore expressions of identity and place through coin design.

Download Coins in the Classroom Art and Design Lesson Plan



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Design & Technology


Research, design and model a commemorative coin using a real Royal Mint design brief.

Download Coins in the Classroom Design and Technology Lesson Plan



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The Tower’s Mint


The Tower’s Mint is a permanent exhibition at the Tower of London, exploring the story of the Mint during the years it was based at the Tower, between c1279 and 1812.

Featuring unique objects from the Royal Mint Museum’s collection, the exhibition tells the story of some of the most famous monarchs who reigned over the Mint, and how their coins reflected the power struggles and politics of their time.



Learning resources to accompany the exhibition are available for ages 7-11 and can be used in conjunction with a visit to the Tower of London or without.

They can be downloaded from the Tower of London’s learning page.


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