Our story competition topic this year is coins and the sea. We are exploring the role coins have played in Britain’s history of seafaring. How they have been used by sailors and traded by merchants, how they have been tokens of good luck or the captured wealth of a rival, and how their role at sea has inspired imaginations from pirates to sunken treasure.

We want you to write a story of no more than 500 words about a ship carrying a cargo including gold coins. The ship sails into a storm and gets into trouble, what happens next?

Look at our inspiration pages for ideas and download our story writing guide to help you.

We welcome entries from anyone aged eight to eleven who lives in, and is schooled or homeschooled, in the United Kingdom. Entrants are asked on the submission form to confirm which school or local library will receive the £5,000 prize if they win.

To register your interest, please send your individual or school details to and watch this space for more details!

Darllenwch y cynnwys hwn yn y Gymraeg

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