The Royal Mint Museum now offers online education sessions for your school, available from year 2 all the way to year 11. These sessions are currently free of charge. To request a booking please complete the online form and we will contact you to confirm dates and details. If you would like further information before booking please contact the Museum’s Education Manager via email

Although direct access to the Museum is limited there are many ways for you to discover our collection



Royal Mint Experience

Opened in 2016, this purpose-built visitor attraction, based on the Royal Mint site in Llantrisant South Wales, comprises a guided tour of the circulating coin factory where you can see thousands of freshly minted coins tumble from coining presses and have the opportunity to ‘strike your own coin’.


The large free-flow exhibition area where visitors can explore 1,100 years of the Royal Mint’s history through a mixture of Museum objects and interactive displays, allows you access to the Museum’s collection on an unprecedented scale. The display of star objects, such as the Olympic and Paralympic medals from the London 2012 Games as well as incredible rarities such as the 1933 penny and a gold sovereign of Edward VIII, are a must-see.



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School Workshops

Exploring the history and heritage of The Royal Mint is something that children will always remember. The Museum has developed a number of curriculum linked interactive workshops that can be booked for your class alongside a trip to the Royal Mint Experience.


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By arranging exhibitions, or by contributing to the exhibitions of others, we ensure that items from the collection are seen and enjoyed by thousands of people every year. Items from the Museum are currently on display in a variety of institutions including the Ashmolean Museum, the Bank of England Museum, the British Museum, Swansea Waterfront Museum, the Museum on the Mound in Edinburgh, the Science Museum, the Museum of Canada and the Tower of London.





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VIP tours

Launched in 2019, VIP tours of the Royal Mint also offer an exclusive presentation from a member of our Museum team. Where you will learn more about the secrets and hidden highlights of our collection.


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Private Appointment

The Museum is accessible by appointment for research purposes. If you would like to study the collection or make use of the library and archive, please outline your area of interest using our contact form.

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