As the custodian of the Royal Mint's evolving story, the Museum seeks to inspire a diverse audience to discover, explore and learn about 1000 years of making money.


Over the next three years we will seek to achieve our vision by using the following three strategies when planning and delivering projects.

-Supporting efficient and effective access to all Museum resources.

-Promoting innovative and creative ways for existing and new audiences to interact with the Museum.

-Developing and nurturing partnerships to enhance the impact of our work. 



The Museum’s audience can be described as anyone with an interest in the history and developing story of the Royal Mint and the British coinage, on a scale from novice to expert across all abilities and age groups.

It is our aim to use the Museum’s strategies to support learning, wellbeing and inclusion allowing a wide range of people to develop a broader understanding of the Royal Mint’s history and how money has been made and used within the local community and nationally.



Road Map Highlights


Creation of a catalogue of the Sarah Sophia Banks library

Create a temporary exhibition space in the Royal Mint Experience

Celebrate 50th anniversary of the Royal Mint's move to Wales

Introduce new school workshop in the Royal Mint Experience

Publication concerning currency and conflict

Digitisation of Waterloo Medal Roll

Become a Google Arts and Culture partner


Create a programme of temporary exhibitions and install new exhibition

Update and relaunch the Museum website

Release records for Edward VII and George IV UK coins online

Digitisation of Royal Mint Annual Reports, 1870-1976


Delivery of plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of decimalisation

Catalogue and digitise decimalisation collection

Submit Accreditation return

Plan for and install temporary decimalisation exhibition in the Royal Mint Experience

Money and the Movies publication

Release records for a further two reigns of UK coins online

Recording of lectures and podcasts


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