The Museum has a publishing programme and the following books are available for purchase.



The Royal Mint: an Illustrated History

Kevin Clancy
Softback, 128 pages, fully illustrated.
ISBN 978-1-869917-01-2

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A History of the Sovereign: Chief Coin of the World

Kevin Clancy
Hardback, 112 pages, fully illustrated
ISBN 978-1-869917-00-5

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Britannia: Icon on the Coin

Katharine Eustace
Hardback, 144 pages, fully illustrated
ISBN 978-1-869917-02-9

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Objects of War: Currency in a Time of Conflict

Kevin Clancy
Softback, 136 pages, fully illustrated
ISBN 978-1-907427-90-9

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When Britain went Decimal

When Britain Went Decimal: The Coinage of 1971

Mark Stocker
Hardback, 320 pages, fully illustrated
ISBN 978-1-912667-56-7

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M18 039 50th anniversary book cover p1.jpg


London to Llantrisant: 50 Years of the Royal Mint in Wales

Chris Barker
Softback, 54 pages, fully illustrated
Available from the Royal Mint Experience shop


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