Discover the fascinating document from the Royal Mint Museum's archive that sheds light on what life was like at the Mint during the London Blitz.




You can read pages from the ARP book below. The section titled 'THE SHOWDOWN' , gives us more information on the experiences of an ARP warden at the Royal Mint during the Blitz. You can read the full book here.

In the text the author talks about high explosive (H.E.) bombs, incendiary bombs (I.B's), V1 and V2 rockets. Below you can hear the sounds of some of these bombs falling and the sirens which told people when to take cover. Remember the pictures and descriptions you have explored. Try to imagine what it would have been like as an ARP warden during an air raid.

Can you hear the siren? There's an air raid in progress!

There's an aircraft dropping incendiary bombs!

The buildings are on fire! Can you hear the fire engines?

Finally the all clear siren is sounded.

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