Artist David Lawrence

David Lawrence

Darllenwch y cynnwys hwn yn y Gymraeg

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David Lawrence has worked as an illustrator, designer and sculptor through a period of immense change: the past forty years has seen a revolution in image technology and the way that art is seen and consumed. And yet he still clings to the basic skills he learned at the beginning: “I began work when everything was drawn or painted by hand – long before the appearance of computers. I’ve adapted to and absorbed the changes over the years – and yet I still rely on pencil and paper, and basic drawing skills, to get my ideas down.

“I’ve worked in many mediums and in many roles over the years, as fashions and requirements have changed: there was a period when scraperboard as very fashionable – and then I worked as a pastiche artist - painting ‘in the style of’ the Masters, and then again I worked as a sculptor making collectable giftware and in more recent years as historical illustrator, recreating castles and scenes from the past. It has been a varied and interesting journey.

Facebook: David Lawrence Revivat

Instagram: davidlawrenceartdotcom

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