Exceptional Rarity

The short reign of Edward VIII is significant in terms of coinage as although a number of trial and pattern pieces do exist, including a handful of exceptionally rare sovereigns, no coins bearing his effigy ever entered circulation. The new coinage portrait of the monarch was prepared by Humphrey Paget who, in 1935, had been asked to produce a likeness of the then Prince of Wales for the obverse of a medal for the Honourable Company of Master Mariners. This portrait was widely admired and the Deputy Master of the Royal Mint considered it so successful that he asked Paget to prepare a low-relief version as a possible coin effigy. Soon afterwards, the prince became king and Paget won the design competition for the new monarch’s portrait.

1937 proof set Edward VIII sovs RMM1-5-7-9.jpg

Edward VIII sovereign family. Quintuple sovereign (RMM1), double sovereign (RMM5), sovereign (RMM7), half-sovereign (RMM9)

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