The Royal Mint Museum’s new decimalisation reminiscence sessions are centred around a Museum in a Box, a small acrylic box which comes with a collection of objects. Each object has a sticker attached to it, which when placed on the box, plays an audio file specific to that item. This interactive and engaging session is designed to stimulate memories of the changeover to a decimal currency and prompt people to share their memories of the time with each other.

Our collection of objects and their audio follow the fictional story of Linda Thomas, a local resident of Llantrisant who shares her experiences of living through the time period, from the initial announcement of decimalisation in 1966 through to D-Day itself in 1971. This session is designed to be interactive, so the story contains questions or prompts to further discussion about the objects with the people taking part, and residents are encouraged to handle the objects as much as they would like.

Below you will find a video clip showing how to set up and use the Museum in a Box, but if you have any further questions on how to get the most out of the box then please do get in touch. For further photographs, videos and discussion prompts check out our reminiscence session resources page.


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