February 2021 marked the 50th anniversary of the changeover to the new, decimal, currency. It was, without a doubt, the biggest change to the British coinage in 1000 years and every man, woman and child would have to get used to a new way of spending money. Take a look around the temporary exhibition which we created in the Royal Mint Experience in celebration of this huge national event. Watch the public information videos, reproduced with permission of the BBC, explaining through catchy jingles and songs the change to come. Perhaps you’d also like to check your conversions from ‘old’ to ‘new’ money using the decimal convertor? Small versions of these would have been carried in the pockets of the nation during the changeover. We hope you enjoy this journey back in time to the 1970s!

Thanks to:


The Trustees of the Royal Mint Museum

BBC Archives

Exhibition design: Tuch Design Ltd

Interactives: Red Delta Creatives

Graphic panel production: C3 Imaging

Virtual Tour created by Andy Willis at Preservation 360


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