Decimal Day Tragedy!

It was a dark, stromy night, long ago in 1971. The Royal Mint were very busy, making the new coins for the new release the next day. They were bringing out all of the new money. There were a lot of copper, silver and golden coins glinting about the factory. The machines were working tirelessly through the night when...Poof! The terrible storm had cut the power out. After what seemed like forever, (which was only five minutes) the power went back on. Yet for one, small cute coin, that simple power cut had changed everything.

The minting machine putting the design on the penny coins had stopped, and it hadn't minted one of the coins. The machine had carried on, not realising the coin was plain. (Well, it was a machine!) When the coin, which was a small, shiny penny, met all of the other pennies, he was ridiculed. He had no design. He was the odd one out. He was so sad, that he ran away. He ran and ran, further and faster, not looking where he was going until he fell down the drain. He fell until he hit the stone floor of the sewers. He sat in the darkness, crying his poor, copper heart out.

Decimal Day Tragedy.jpg

Suddenly, a light as bright as the sun shone over this depressed penny, and a golden pound coin flew down. She had snow white as soft as a pillow, and a halo, golden like a star. She spoke to this penny in a sweet, sing-song voice. It rang out loud, louder than the church bells.

"I am your guardian angel. Why are you sad, little coin? You are the only coin like this. You are unique!" she exclaimed, "Don't be sad, be proud!"

"Thank you!" shouted the penny as she faded away.

After much struggling and gasping, the penny clambered out of the drain. It was morning now. As he skipped down the street, happy now, a girl of about 10 saw the coin and picked it up. She examined the coin incredibly closely and carefully. "I shall keep you, little penny," she murmured to the coin, "You can come home with me. You are much safer now that you are with me."

She picked him up. As she was about to put him in her pocket, she heard a squeaky little voice squeal with delight. She heard it say "Thank you! I do appreciate it so. Thank you, thank you very much!" She looked at the coin and it winked. She put it in her pocket and took him home. She talked to him every day and he told her of his adventures, and found out a lot about her too. Her name was Lillian. Lillian has treasured this small, little coin and when her oldest daughter turned ten, she gave the little coin to her. She still goes to see the coin every week, and he will stay a big part of her life. He was her friend.

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