Decimal Day

My name is Steven and I am 10 years old. Next week is Decimal Day where we all have to learn how to use new money. We have been doing quite a lot about it in school lately so I think I'll be fine. But it's older people who will probably struggle. My nan is refusing to learn about it because she doesn't like things to change.

So the day has finally arrived February 15 1971. My mam gave me 10 new pennies to buy a loaf of bread which cost 6p so I had 4p change. I really like this new money so I have decided to do a few odd jobs so I can get more new pennies.

My first stop is the newsagents. Fantastic, he has a Sunday round for me. I have to get up at 6am. My feet are killing me. I have walked 4 miles to deliver 100's of newspapers and the bag was so heavy. However, I earned 25p. My money was sparking like fireworks. I love this new money. So, my next odd job is washing people's cars. I washed 10 cars today and earned 5 new pennies, Wow!

Decimal Day.jpg

On my way home from school today I popped in to visited my nan. She wasn't very happy. She has no clue about this new money and was having a right moan about the government and why they have to change everything. I tried to explain to her that it was easy but she was having none of it so I just gave up. So far I have earned 75p new pennies. I have seen this really cool football in Woolworths that costs 100 new pennies. I only need to earn 25p and I can have it!

The weekend has come round again. I have to go to town shopping with my nan because she has no clue how to use the new money and is being stuborn and refusing to learn. Great!!! She is arguing with the shopkeepers because she thinks they are trying to cheat her. When we got back home my nan asked me if I could teach her new money, I told her florins were 24p. 1 shilling is 12p and 20 shillings is a pound finally she understood. She was so pleased with herself, we jumped back on the bus to town as she wanted to try out the new money. And because I helped her she gave me 25p so I could buy the new football. When we got home I went straight out to call for Paul, Lee, Mark, Simon and Chris we all went over to the football field to play with my new ball, my most favourite player is George Best. When I grow up I want to be just like George Best and earn lots of new pennies, buy fast cars and be the best football player the world has ever seen.

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