The Silver Jubilee crown of 1977 is without question one of the best loved of British coins, as well as one of the most well known. Alongside the many versions of Machin’s final design that were worked up as pattern pieces, there were several patterns struck of designs by the sculptor Bernard Sindall. A generous amount of time was allotted for the striking of trials for the Silver Jubilee crown, and this design by Sindall illustrates the tip of an iceberg of experimentation recorded in the Royal Mint Museum collection.

Jubilee crown_sindall.jpg

Sindall’s designs were considered alongside Machin’s, with attempts even made to combine the work of the two artists. In the end Machin’s design alone was selected for the crown piece, but Sindall was offered the not-inconsiderable compensation of seeing his designs employed on the official commemorative medal instead. Sindall’s enthroned portrait, too, eventually found its way onto the obverse of the very popular gold coins issued to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the sovereign in 1989.

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