We invite you to step into a shadowy underworld where money is used to hide secrets and aid escapes from danger.

From real-life accounts of spies and double-agents to the fictional adventures of James Bond, our new interactive exhibition explores hidden stories of how money and gold have been used in covert operations and life-threatening missions.


This exhibition would not have been possible without the support of a number of individuals and organisations who have willingly contributed images, objects and their knowledge.


Eon Productions Ltd

Imperial War Museum

International Spy Museum, Washington

Ken Adam Archive

Leeds Museums and Galleries

Mr D. Worrall

Mr M. Seaman

The Bank of England Archive

The Bank of England Museum

The Rothschild Archive

The Trustees of the Royal Mint Museum


Exhibition design: Tuch Design Ltd

Interactives: Red Delta

Graphic panel production: C3 Imaging

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