Cody and the Coin

It was decimal day and Cody had just come home from school. When he walked into the kitchen, he put his bag on the sofa and sat down. His mum walked in holding six shiny coins. She sat down next to him and showed him the coins. "Wow, I've never seen any coins like these mum, what are they?" asked Cody; the coins glinted in his eyes like stars of the night sky. "They are decimal coins Cody, the coins we will now use to buy things and I would like to give these ones to you. The fifty new pence, the ten new pence, the five new pence, the two new pence, the new penny and the new half penny." answered his mother, who had a broad smile on her face. "Go on, have a look closely with your mgnifying glass".

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Cody ran swiftly up his stairs and into his room, holding the six coins out on his palm. He opened his drawer and took out his magnifying glass. He sat down on the side of his bed to examine these new eye-catching coins. Then all of a sudden the five pence said "Hello Cody." Cody was so shocked that he had goosebumps, his jaw fell right open and he dropped his magnifying glass onto the floor. "Y-y-you just sp-sp-spoke?!", Cody couldn't even get his words out properly. "That's right." answered the five pence calmly. "Don't worry I'm here to help you." Cody took a deep breath and asked calmly, "Help me with what?" "Understand decimal money of course!" replied the coin. "I am five pence; twenty, five pence are the same as one pound." Cody was quite confused as his money was very different and so he said, "But I thought that twenty four pence is one pound." The five pence answered saying, "That was imperial money; now what I am telling you about is decimal money like me!" "Ok but can I still use my sixpence in the shop across the road?" asked Cody curiously. "No sorry Cody, you can only use decimal money now." answered the coin. "Why don't you use your new coins to get used to using them?

Cody walked to the newsagent's across the road, still holding on to the six coins (As he was 12, his mother let him go out by himslef as long as he was by the street). Once indide, he looked around for something little to buy. He saw a chocolate bar which was ten pence. o to buy it, he needed to use his ten pence coin. He put the money on the counter and asked the newsagent, "Can I have one fudge bar please sir?" "Of course sonny, here you go!" answered the joyful newsagent as he handed over the fudge. "You know what five pence? Decimal money isn't that bad." Cody said to his friend named five pence.

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