Our Vision

The Royal Mint contributes to millions of lives every day, in the United Kingdom and around the world.

At home, it supplies the coins that are crucial to the daily transactions that underpin life. As a manufacturer, exporter and employer it has a real stake in the industrial life of the nation, and as a maker of beautifully crafted collector coins it gives pleasure and opportunities to many.

Beyond the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint supplies some 100 issuing authorities around the world with coins and blanks. Blanks are metal discs, which are minted into coins. It is the leading export mint, with around 15 per cent of the worldwide market.

With The Royal Mint's unique position comes responsibilities. The best customer service, the highest production standards and true shareholder values are watchwords for the business. The quest for continued and sustainable profits is led through winning new customers and pleasing existing clients, while at the same time reducing costs by making production more efficient and cutting out waste.

The Royal Mint has set out its vision as follows:

"To be recognised as the world's best mint"

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