The Money Mates

One day, Grace's Mum approached her bedroom and slowly sat on her bed, looking anxious.

"I've got some news," said Mum.

"What is wrong?" Grace said quietly.

We are moving to the countryside. It is better for us; we have bought a house near the coast."

A few weeks later, it was the last day of living in the city for Grace, the last day of seeing the rest of her family and friends. They had a send-off party, but Grace stayed in her room, counted all the money she had, hoping to try coming back but it wasn't enough. Her friends Daisy and Lowri came to her room and said, "Goodbye, we will mis you" She did not say anything, she stood outside. Her mum saw her and whispered, "Go pick your bedroom darling."

Grace hurried up the long stairs. At the top she found a chest. There was a key in the lock. It turned slowly as Grace opened it. Then the lid flew open and coins flew everywhere. Her mum walked up the stairs and saw Grace with money in her hands: she was amazed and curious.

"Where did you get that money?" said mum

"Well, it was just here in this chest" said Grace softly. Grace was exhausted after her busy day so she picked a bedroom and slowly fell asleep.

She awoke feeling optimistic, thinking she would have the best day ever. Her new school were going to The Royal Mint to find out about money. The class soon arrived at The Mint, where they saw all kinds of money being made, Grace was amazed with all the shiny new decimal coins being made.

The Money Mates.jpg


Then an expert came and said, "Come with me. I'll show you the real part of the factory."

Grace asked what all the notes and money were called. She had so many questions for the expert. She thought that the man was smart and amazing. He led her slowly through the hallways of the Royal Mint. First, he showed Grace all the new decimal coins: shiny silver twenties and tens and warm copper pennies, and many more being made every day. She took some of her money from her chest that she found and showed it to him.

"That's the money that was first made, old coins that have been replaced by our new decimal money.

That was the day where Grace first learnt about the beauty of money. She treasured it, and was inspired by her visit. So inspired that Grace grew up to be manager of The Royal Mint, where she devoted her life to the new decimal coins.

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