One Lucky Penny

On a cloudy, gloomy, grey day in London, Michael Brown was on his way to NOEL's sweet shop. Though what Michael had forgotten is that the money had changed: it was D-day.

"May I have four cherry bonbons please?" asked Michael. "That's four new pence Sonny" replied the shopkeeper. Michael just stood for a bit, looking very confused. "Is a Shilling still okay?" "Give it 'ere" smiled the shopkeeper handing him a little paper bag containing bonbons "Here's your Penny change".

Michael rushed out of the shop looking amazed, as if he was holding a little block of gold. It felt so small in his hands he did not dare to let it go, not like the Big Old Penny at all. He clutched it tight and ran straight home, eager to collect more of these so-called "New Pennies". He grabbed his piggy bank, emptied out the old coins and took them to the bank trade.

On the way he wondered what had happened to all the other old coins...

"Whoosh!" went the old shillings and pennies down the shoot at the Royal Mint. "Whoa, isn't it hot in here?" asked an Old Penny. "Your pocket is very warm...wait a second!" The Old Penny sniffed the air, "I see no holes, or sweet wrappers. Oh no!" she realised "It's not a pocket at all, but a furnace! Thankfully she heard, "Maaaaaark, its break time." and Gertrude, you don't want to get that dress stained, let's eat at the table". The Old Penny sighed, "Phew, the perfect time to escape!" The conveyer belt stopped, the furnace turned off and the door opened.

One lucky penny.jpg

"Ok" said the Old Penny, looking at the side of the furnace. She was a thick, metal tube saying in bright, gold writing 'THE SUC-O-MATIC' with a button below labelled 'SUCK'. On pressing it, a great force pulled like a magnet.

A short tube ride later, she fell ut onto a sorting machine. Carefully, she tipped across the brass dented surface, trying not to step on the BIG, RED BUTTON! Noticing a large, bearded man returning, the Old Penny dropped before he could see her...landing on the BIG RED BUTTON! "Oh no" thought the Old Pennyas she whirled around then was spat out right where she had begun, with the furnace fired up again. By the time the Old Penny came out the other side she was nothing but 'hot goo!'

The Penny, I mean goo, looked down at herself and thought "Oh what's the use?" Suddenly, she felt a squishing and squashing, then everything went dark. Eventually, she woke up and looked at herself again. Would you believe it, she was a brand-New Penny, gleaming! "Woah, look at me I'm so shiny and I feel so fresh!"

And do you know who recieved that New Penny? A little boy we know, called Michael Brown.

Though Penny's adventure didn't end there, she got to see so much, visiting nearly every shop across London and beyond!

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