The secret diary of a machine

Dear diary,

Today I went into the factory to be rebuilt because the new coins that have been made are different than what I am used to. I overheard that I was not "good" enough anymore, I miss having shillings now. I can only take 50p 10p 5p 2p and 1p. I'll really miss seeing my old coin buddies. I hope they are able to stay safe.

Day 2

I'm leaving for London now. I'll be writing again in a few hours...5 hours later...I'm back in London with my owner Charotte - she is a lovely human owner. She is so kind and really appreciates that I'm able to swallow up the new coins. It's amazing we have a new shop. I met some coins. They were really nice. I think they were a 5p and a 10p but they moved a lot! They rattled around me. I'm still not used to all of these new coins.

Day 3

We sold most stuff today and I'm full of money, and I think I'm going to burst! And it's Black Friday soon and I'm going to be emptied so that's good and I will meet new coins and notes.

Day 4

Today we sold a lot more than usual and it was amazing we were packed full of customers and Charlotte and I were so happy. I'm so pleased to see her so happy. I still miss my old friends though. I wonder what they are up to.

Diary of a machine.jpg

Day 5

Today a brand-new machine arrived at the shop. I was a little nervous at first, but we got on so well. It is cool that me and my new friend are able to work together. I'm sure we will always have fun!

Day 6

Today a homeless man came to the shop with nothing so I opened my drawer and gave the man a new coin. Charlotte gave him a cup of tea and a sandwich and he said "oh thank you!" Charlotte just smiled then the man left. I think we made his day.

Day 7

I still miss my old friends the shillings.

Day 8

Dear diary. Today something amazing happened. A brand new 10p coin was entered into my machine. A strange voice said to me "I recognise you". It was Sammy Shilling. It turned out that she had been melted down in a place called the Royal Mint. She told me that all of the old coins were melted down and made into new ones. I'm so pleased that all my old friends are safe and well. We chatted for hours about all of their exciting new adventures. I can't wait until tomorrow...

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