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Ashmolean Museum

As part of the massive redevelopment of the Ashmolean Museum a new Money Gallery was prepared and installed. In looking to tell a rounded view of the role and history of currency, curators from the Ashmolean approached the Royal Mint Museum for material to show how coins are made. Items loaned to the permanent gallery include a range of coinage tools from the reign of George V which collectively reveal the sequence of production followed in making a coin at that time.

Ashmolean Museum
Reproduced with kind permission of the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford
Ashmolean Museum

The Royal Mint also helped by making an enlarged version of the Oxford crown of Charles I, an interactive feature of the gallery. An electrotype copy of the genuine specimen in the Royal Mint Museum’s collection was scanned and the enlarged version was cut on one of the engraving machines before being passed to the Ashmolean’s team of designers.

For more information visit the Ashmolean Museum website.