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The art of the medal

In addition to our own resources we have been able to make available an informative guide to medal-making, created by Wolverhampton Arts Museums and inspired by their work with the prolific and enthusiastic medalist Ron Dutton.

The Art of the Medal: Self-portrait project

The self-portrait medal project uses clay and plaster to create small sculptural relief pieces. It is an economical way of working and introduces the students of all ages to sculpture and working in relief modelling.

The techniques used are very simple; working in soft clay in the negative (back to front), with the process introducing new vocabulary and concepts such as convex and concave, obverse and reverse, hard and soft.

The project also creates links with other subjects such as history and design and fulfils several National Curriculum Requirements. These include teaching of pattern and texture in natural and manmade forms, the use of shape, form and space in images and artefacts and knowledge of how artists, craftspeople and designers work.

Guide to making medals

Guide to making medals

Wolverhampton Arts

Wolverhampton Art Gallery was built in 1884 and is the home to beautiful Victorian and Georgian Fine and Applied Art Works, a large Pop Art Collection and collections of Artwork around the northern Irish Troubles. The Art Gallery also has regular temporary Art Exhibitions. This booklet was produced to go alongside a medal making project and exhibition in partnership with local schools. Ron Dutton the well-known medallist is a Friend of Wolverhampton Art Gallery and was the inspiration for the project. For further information on Wolverhampton Art Gallery please access their website: