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Coin Lesson Plan - Design & Technology

Coin lesson plan – Design & technology
The purpose of this lesson is for pupils to research, design and model a commemorative coin using a real Royal Mint design brief.
In the first instance pupils will explore what commemorative coins are and why they are made. They will also learn about the different ways coins are made at the Royal Mint and identify some of the design challenges presented by this familiar item.
In the second instance pupils will take on the challenge of designing their own commemorative coin to meet the specification of a real Royal Mint design brief.
Pupils can choose between the themes ‘Charles Dickens’ or ‘London Underground’.

Lesson Objectives

Pupils will:

  • Learn about what commemorative coins are and why they are made
  • Understand that the size and shape of a coin has an impact on the design that can be produced
  • Design and model a coin based on a real Royal Mint design brief
  • Be able to present a design to the class and evaluate their work based on self and peer assessment

Download Coins in the Classroom Design and Technology Lesson Plan

Design and Technology (25654 KB)