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Science Coin Lesson Plan

Science (16951 KB)

Coin Lesson Plan - Science

In this lesson pupils will explore the properties of metals using coins as a starting point. In particular they will look at magnetism.

In the first instance pupils will assess why metal is used to make coins and learn that money did not always exist in the form we know it today. They will use thinking skills to determine the properties coins need to meet their purpose and find out what people used as money before coins became commonplace.

In the second instance pupils will investigate the material properties of coins, including hardness, strength and magnetic behaviour, and will relate these properties to their everyday use. They will learn what an alloy is and compare the properties of alloys with plated steel. Pupils will use a variety of data sources to inform their investigations and conclusions, and produce a poster that illustrates their findings.

Lesson Objectives

Pupils will:

  • Be able to say why metal is used to make coins
  • Learn that different metals have different properties
  • Understand that we mix metals to make an alloy and that these alloys have different properties to pure metals
  • Compare the properties of different metals and draw conclusions based on scientific analysis and their own knowledge
  • Present their findings accurately using a variety of methods

Download Coins in the Classroom Science Lesson Plan

Science (16951 KB)