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Literacy Coin Lesson Plan

Literacy (24045 KB)

Coin Lesson Plan - Literacy

In this lesson pupils will learn about coin inscriptions and will use these as a starting point for their own creative writing.

Pupils will look at the inscription on the obverse of the £1 coin and explore its origins and meaning. They are then introduced to the idea that inscriptions help coins to tell complete stories. They will investigate what meaning can be added to a coin when the right inscription is chosen, by looking at the famous coin design by Pistrucci of St George and the Dragon which appears on gold sovereigns, and by studying the St George and the Dragon story.

Lesson Objectives

Pupils will:

  • Know what a coin inscription is
  • Understand that inscriptions are part of coin designs and can often tell us more about its meaning than the image alone
  • Write an inscription to go with the image of St George and the Dragon
  • Use the £2 coin inscription STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS as a starting point for creative writing

Download Coins in the Classroom Literacy Lesson Plan

Literacy (24045 KB)