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Geography coin lesson plan

Geography (40499 KB)

Coin Lesson Plan - Geography

The purpose of this lesson is for pupils to investigate different countries across the world using coins as a starting point.

In the first instance pupils will look at a range of coin images and try to identify which countries the coins have come from by looking closely at the designs. Using a map they will then identify where those countries are in the world and make links between the country and its coins.

Pupils will then have the opportunity to investigate one of the countries they have identified and produce a project. They will be encouraged to think about similarities and differences between the country they are studying and the United Kingdom. Pupils will then demonstrate their ability to select relevant pieces of information and make a presentation to the class.

Lesson Objectives

Pupils will:

  • Understand that different countries use different coins and be able to suggest reasons why this is
  • Learn how to look at coins closely to find clues to identify their country of origin
  • Be able to find and label different countries on a map of the world
  • Use research skills to investigate a given country and produce a project based on the information they find
  • Know that the Royal Mint makes coins for many different countries

Download Coins in the Classroom Geography Lesson Plan

Geography (40499 KB)