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Coin lesson plan art and design

Art and Design (27780 KB)

Coin Lesson Plan - Art & Design

The purpose of this lesson is for pupils to explore the expression of identity through art using different starting points.

In the first instance pupils will look at how symbols are used to represent identity and assess how challenging it can be to represent the identity of all the people in the United Kingdom on our coinage. They will then evaluate previous attempts to overcome this challenge, including the most recent broken shield design by Matt Dent, and try their hand at designing a UK coin of their own.

In the second instance pupils will look at the work of David Mach (an artist, sculptor and coin designer) and Picasso. They will explore the technique of collage and look particularly at the way Mach conveys a sense of identity and place. Pupils will then combine these two approaches in a task that asks them to represent their own identity or, the identity of their local area or school. Their final product will be a 3D collage in the shape of a coin.

Lesson Objectives

Pupils will:

  • Learn about designs on circulating coins and what they represent
  • Be able to identify symbols in coin designs and suggest reasons why these have been used
  • Understand that designs on UK coins are chosen because they represent the identity of the country
  • Learn about the technique of collage and how this medium has been used by David Mach and Picasso
  • Use this understanding to represent their own identity or the identity of their town/school/community in the form of a 3D coin collage

Download Coins in the Classroom Art and Design Lesson Plan

Art and Design (27780 KB)