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Coins and Kings: The Royal Mint
        at the Tower of London

Coins and Kings: The Royal Mint
at the Tower of London

Coins and Kings: The Royal Mint at the Tower is a new permanent exhibition at the Tower of London, exploring the story of the Mint during the years it was based at the Tower, between c1279 and 1812.

Located on the original site where the Mint was situated for over 500 years, discover the surprising stories and unique history of this little-known area of the Tower of London.

Through outdoor installations and interactive displays, visitors can explore what life was like for the people of Mint Street – the hard graft involved in mass producing the coins for the nation. Featuring unique objects from the Royal Mint Museum’s collection, the exhibition tells the story of some of the most famous monarchs who reigned over the Mint, and how their coins reflected the power struggles and politics of their time.

Learning resources

Learning resources to accompany the exhibition are available for Key Stages 2 and 3 and can be used in conjunction with a visit to the Tower of London or without. The pre-visit resources introduce pupils to the Mint in the Tower, what it was like, and how coins were manufactured during this period. A trail through the exhibition then helps pupils to explore the five key periods on which it is based, highlighting significant features of the objects on display. The post-visit resources are tailored to the needs of the Key Stage 2 and 3 curriculums.

At Key Stage 2 pupils can follow up their exhibition experience with activities based on storytelling, art and design, and investigating what working life might have been like at the Mint in Tudor times. At Key Stage 3 pupils can take the exhibition forward to look at five key political events related to coinage that occurred in the time the Mint was at the Tower. Edward I’s coinage crisis (History Unit 2), Elizabeth I and the Great Debasement (Unit 5), Kings on Coins: How did monarch wish to be seen? (Unit 7) and the Mint and the Restoration (Unit 8) can all be examined using our post-visit resources.

All learning resources for the Coins and Kings exhibition can be downloaded from the Tower of London’s learning page.

Download the free game from our exhibition

You can download the game from our exhibition Coins and Kings: The Royal Mint at the Tower, to your smartphone or tablet for free.

Can you manage production at the Mint over 500 years of history? Play 'Mint Master: Making the King's coins' to find out!

Available on the iTunes store, Google Play for Android and Amazon.

The Thomas Simon Petition Crown is included in the Coins and Kings exhibition