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  • 1816

    William Wellesley Pole, Master of the Royal Mint since 1814,
    established the Royal Mint Museum at Tower Hill

  • 1818

    Spectacular donations from collections of Sir Joseph Banks and his sister Sarah Sophia Banks

    Among the great rarities in the Banks gifts was Thomas Simon’s Petition Crown of 1663
  • 1837

    Transfer from the Pyx Chapel at Westminster Abbey of a virtually unbroken series
    of trial plates dating back to 1477

  • 1874

    Publication of William Webster’s catalogue
    of the coins in the Museum

  • 1904

    New museum, containing some 25 showcases, opened to the public
    at Tower Hill

  • 1906

    First volume of William John Hocking’s catalogue of the collection published,
    dealing with coins and tokens

  • 1910

    The dies, medals and seals were described in the second volume of Hocking’s catalogue

  • 1913

    Hocking, a Royal Mint officer since 1883, appointed first Curator of the Museum

  • 1922

    Museum dismantled and collection placed in storage in main building at Tower Hill

    The desire of an energetic new Deputy Master, Robert Johnson, to expand the medal department
    required the room previously occupied by the Museum
  • 1949

    Museum re-established on first floor of main building at Tower Hill, later dismantled in
    mid-1960s to make room for extra Royal Mint staff with the approach of decimalisation

  • 1970

    Pattern coins of Edward VIII transferred to the Museum, having been re-discovered
    in a safe in the Deputy Master’s office

  • 1975

    Acquisition of plaster models and electrotypes from the Production Department

    The electrotypes shown in this photograph of the Reducing Room in 1933 were among
    those transferred to the Museum in 1975
  • 1980

    Collection transferred from Tower Hill to new Royal Mint in South Wales

    The decision to transfer the Museum was made by Dr Jeremy Gerhard, who became
    Deputy Master in 1978
  • 2010

    The Royal Mint Museum Limited separated from the Royal Mint and vested
    with the heritage assets and liabilities of the Museum