Trustees and Company Directors 2018-19

with dates of appointment

Dr Andrew Burnett CBE

March 2015

Mrs Blondel Cluff CBE

May 2019

Rear Admiral John Lippiett CB CBE DL

January 2011

Ms Anne Jessop

Trustee Representative of The Royal Mint Limited
October 2017

Mr Crispin Wright

December 2013

Lord Macpherson of Earl’s Court CGB


Anna Brennand

March 2018

Victoria Rogers

March 2018

Structure, governance and management

The Royal Mint Museum was established as a company limited by guarantee in December 2009 and was granted charitable status in November 2010. Its sole member is HM Treasury. The Museum wholly owns a subsidiary company, Royal Mint Museum Services Limited, also established in December 2009. The heritage assets of The Royal Mint Trading Fund were vested into the Royal Mint Museum on 31 December 2009.

The Museum as a charitable company is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association, which provide for the appointment and reappointment of Trustees. The creation of an independent Museum was initiated to give long-term security to the collection, to establish a clear educational and charitable remit, and to enable the Museum to expand the services it offers through external funding.

During 2018-19 the Trustees met on four occasions. They have the authority to appoint new Trustees and to direct the use of the Museum’s financial and other resources. Meetings of the Trustees are attended by members of the Museum’s management team, in particular the Director of the Royal Mint Museum, and members of the financial support team, who present papers on their areas of responsibility.

The Trustees exercise oversight and supervision of all the Museum’s main functional areas, including finance, fund-raising, acquisition and disposal, the education and publication programmes, exhibitions, collections management, conservation and the activities of the Museum Services company. The Trustees decide on the strategy for the Museum. The implementation of the strategy and the operational management is delegated to the Director of the Royal Mint Museum and his colleagues