Historical and coinage advice

As one of the oldest continuously operating organisations in Britain, the Royal Mint is very proud of its history. In a very practical sense the history of the Royal Mint and the traditions of the British coinage are important elements in the message underpinning the sale and marketing of modern commemorative coins.

Establishing Royal Mint Museum Services as a separate company has provided the Royal Mint with a professional means through which historical knowledge and advice on the British coinage can be made available. The work undertaken by the Services company for the Royal Mint and HM Treasury is noted below.

  • Authoritative historical and numismatic advice.
  • Radio and television interviews on the history and current activities of the Royal Mint.
  • Provision of advice on future commemorative coins and medals.
  • Provision of legal advice with respect to drafting new Royal Proclamations and existing coinage legislation.
  • Co-ordinating responses to Ministerial questions and Freedom of Information requests.
  • Authentication service for coins and medals.
  • Managing the design and approval process for United Kingdom coins and official medals through the agency of the Royal Mint Advisory Committee.

If you would like to submit a coin or medal for examination, in the first instance please send photographs and a description to us using this form. We suggest you read our FAQs for answers to general questions.

Please note: The Museum does not provide valuations for your coins or medals.

We will look at your request and if appropriate we will invite you to send your coin or medal to us for examination. There is a charge of £20 for the examination of decimal coins. For information on the authentication of pre-decimal coins please visit the Royal Mint Collector Services .