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Wheelchair Rugby 50p Coin Design

Wheelchair Rugby Video Transcript

Tell us about yourself - and about the coin you designed
My name is Natasha Ratcliffe, I’m from Falmouth in Cornwall and I designed the wheelchair Rugby coin.

What got you interested in the competition?
I decided to enter this competition because I love coins and medals and this popped up in the press and it was just a fantastic opportunity.

Why did you choose Wheelchair Rugby for your design?
I was lucky enough to get two coins made in production, wheelchair rugby and also handball but I chose wheelchair rugby really because when I started looking through the sports I came across all the pictures of wheelchair rugby and it looked so full of energy, you’ve got wheelchairs crashing into one another and people falling out and there’s all the dented wheel covers and people always have their hands strapped up its just quite organic and raw and I really like that, I thought it was great.

What was the inspiration behind your idea?
When trying to design the wheelchair rugby coin I started looking at photos because I don’t have the background or know anyone that does this sport but I started looking at photos and images and it came down to the key points that it’s really about, it’s about the muscle and the hands and the determination in the face, all of them have that across the board so I thought it would be great to just hem in on that and just push everything else out of the coin.

How does it feel to know your coin is going to be in the pockets of millions of people for years to come?
Its great going to have it in circulation, it’s amazing, I get so excited I can’t wait to just see it and go to shops and maybe get one and be able to say to people, I did that.