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Triathlon 50p Coin Design

Triathlon Video Transcript

Tell us about yourself - and about the coin you designed
My name is Sarah Harvey, I’m from London and I designed the triathlon coin.

What got you interested in the competition?
I first heard about the competition a t work an email was circulated by a colleague so I had a think and I hadn’t long returned to work after being off on maternity leave so I was quite fresh and had a bit of time in a couple of lunch hours and had a go.

Why did you choose Triathlon for your design?
I just found it quite fascinating and I had it in my head when I was looking at the list of sporting activities and I had the three forms in my head and I just needed some kind of way of connecting them and I think that was perhaps the most challenging but kind of the most creative element of the design and the swimmer was the one I was most pleased with.

What was the inspiration behind your idea?
Various people around me being quite sporty and into competitions and a lot of charity sponsorships were going around including my brother as well and the triathlon just sort of kept coming up and being in my head and in circulation in conversations.

How does it feel to know your coin is going to be in the pockets of millions of people for years to come?
Delighted, I’m really pleased, in fact to have it out there is the biggest sense of achievement for me.

How do you feel about being part of the London 2012 Olympic Games?
I’m really pleased to be involved in the Olympics in a way and it’s something that’s not going to come around maybe in the rest of my life.