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Tennis 50p Coin Design

Tennis Video Transcript

Tell us about yourself - and about the coin you designed
My name is Tracy Baines, I’m come from Peterborough and I designed the tennis coin.

What got you interested in the competition?
I saw a picture in mu Guardian newspaper and I thought this is interesting and I only had just over a week to get the designs done so it was a last minute kind of panic, I just thought give it a go, what have you got to loose really so I did four designs the tennis won.

What was the inspiration behind your idea?
Well I chose tennis because mainly my mum is just a huge fan of it and it’s a sport I have grown up with and I enjoy watching as well so I just thought tennis, yes why not?

How does it feel to know your coin is going to be in the pockets of millions of people for years to come?
I think that’s quite amazing actually, a coin you just take for granted you’ve always got one in your purse or your pocket and I think for the whole country to be using it is quite amazing and I want to collect the set myself and have that for posterity so I think it’s really quite exciting.

How do you feel about being part of the London 2012 Olympic Games?
I think it is a big part of history, 2012 Olympics is a big deal and I don’t think I ever imagined I would ever be involved in the Olympics in any way and so it’s really nice and something to remember and something to be proud of so it’s good.